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8 Things to Improve the User Experience of your Website and Convert Visitors into Customers

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Studies suggest that the average human attention span is down to as little as 8 seconds.  That’s all the time you have to grab the attention of the visitors to your website…8 seconds!  Unbelievable.

Truly, it’s not that hard to believe when you consider all of things that can pull us away every time we sit down at our computer or pull out our mobile device.  There’s a pop-up, or an alert for everything.  Even in the middle of something else, the alerts and vibrations are constantly going off in our pockets and we find ourselves dropping everything to check it out.

It’s also been suggested that IF you can keep your visitor for 15 seconds, they could spend a couple of minutes or more on your site.  Knowing that, there are several things you can make part of your website design that will increase your chances of keeping them around…and ultimately doing business with you, instead of a competitor.

Simple, clean and professional look

There’s no secret that the attractiveness of your website helps in keeping your visitor.  Heck, it says it right in the word…attract!  Simple, clean and professional is always going to win over clunky, unorganized and cluttered.  

Increase load speed

Remember how we started?  8 seconds.  There are steps that you can take to get your page loading faster, and if it takes longer than 3 seconds, it really is a must!  A good hosting plan is a great place to start, but you can also enable caching, minify HTML, JavaScript and CSS, as well as optimize images. There are many online tools that you can use to test your speed. GTmetrix is great one to try out.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Statistics say that nearly 60% of all searches are done on mobile devices.  It’s true for me.  A website that doesn’t allow for the same clean experience as it does on a computer monitor will result in visitors rapidly moving on to the next site in their search.

What does your business do?

Potential customers that have landed on your website have come there with either a problem or a desire.  They are wondering if you can either solve it, or scratch that itch.  Your content should make it easily identifiable what it is that your business does.  Otherwise, they may quickly go looking elsewhere.

How do they contact you?

They’ve stuck around, found out what you do, and they’re still looking around.  You’re off to a great start!  Make sure they know what to do next.  Should they call you?  Email you?  Sign up to get a free consultation or receive a free brochure?  Clarity is key.  Your potential customers may want their first contact with your company in a different way, dependent on their personality and where they are in their buying process. 

Is there a call to action?

An attractive call to action with an exchange of information for something of value can greatly increase your chances of engaging your customer on your website, and your chances of eventually landing them as a customer.  This is part of the relationship building process.

Include relevant content

Content that your website visitor sees as valuable to consume is an important part of keeping their attention and engaged with your website.  As your website visitors will begin to know, like and trust you. They will keep coming back for more and turn to you when they are in need of the services you offer.

Avoid long blocks of text

Use of headings, subheadings, paragraphs and bulleted or numbered lists break up the text and will keep your visitors more attentive to your content.  Use of images, photos, videos and graphics can also grab attention and keep your visitors interested.  Don’t over do it, remember, simple and clean.

So there you have it.  8 things to consider in combatting the 8 seconds you have to grab your website visitor’s attention.  8 things that will help make your website the valuable piece of real estate that it can and should be.  Master these items and you will see visitors that stick around with more and more of them converting to customers. You

Ben McVay leads Cincy Digital Solutions, a PinPoint Local Agency.  We work with local Cincinnati businesses with a focus on driving more customers to you by improving your online presence.  Looking for more information?  You can request a free website audit or consultation by completing the form below.  

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