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Free Reports

Thank you for visiting Cincy Digital Solutions. We're so glad you're here. As a free gift, please download any or all of the reports below. The information inside is vital to every local business wanting to improve their online presence and get noticed by more local customers.

The 80/20 rule

Digital marketing is absolutely the key to success for pretty much every single business. With close to all new customers today first finding a business online, It's safe to say that if you don't nail the specifics of digital marketing, you're just not going to be successful, particularly if you are a new business.

Even if you are an existing business, you're just not going to get the new customers, it will be increasingly difficult to keep your existing customers, and you're not going to increase your order value.

Get more local customers

You likely already know that a majority of potential new customers and leads to your business will first look online to find the local services they need or a problem they need solving, whether it be for a plumber, a fitness instructor, a landscaper, a party planner … basically anything!

In fact, the statistics are quite staggering … 97% of people who needed to find a local business for their needs first initiated some sort of search online!

Over 85% of people who look up the location of a business do so by using Google Maps.

Improve your online reputation

Do you know what your reputation is online? Is it full of glowing reviews from happy customers singing the praises of your business? Or are there a lot of negative reviews where unsatisfied customers vent about your business?

No matter if you are online or not, you need to be aware of what people say about your business. Over 80% of customers read reviews before choosing which local business to contact, and that number jumps to 95% for people under the age of 34. Even more important, over 50% of consumers will only use a business if it has over 4 stars from a review site.

7 Tips to get more customers from search rankings

You’ve opened your business and you created a website. Now what? This guide will provide you with 7 vital tips that will transform your business from just getting by to a powerhouse of customer leads and sales!

Even if you strictly do all your business offline, the reality today is that almost everybody will only find you through an online search. Long past are the days of a Yellow Pages listing and a small community advertisement. The fact is, 97% of people looking for a business to solve their problem (be it a plumbing issue, planning a party or simple hunger), searched online to find it.