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Making Social Media Work for Your Business, and Why It’s Important.

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Social media by design is where people connect with each other to interact socially.  So why is it important to make social media a part of your business’ online marketing strategy?

For starters, one key reason is the sheer amount of people using social media every single day…and you’re one of them.  If fact, Lyfe Marketing’s statistics suggest that 70% of the US population has at least one social profile and that 79% of American users are on Facebook.

A Hootsuite study found the number of social media users in 2018 to be nearly 3.2 billion!  It’s safe to say that many your customers are part of that group.

In today’s post, we’ll look at some other important reasons why your business should be engaging with your audience on social media and strategies to make it work for you.


4 Reasons It’s Important for Your Business to be Active on Social Media


We’ve already talked about some of the sheer numbers of social media users, but why else is it important to have a social media strategy for your business?  Here are 3 big ones.

1. Building Relationships

Regardless of the platform, social media is a tool for communication.  Communication lays the foundation for starting and developing a relationship.  Whether you are a business owner, a salesperson or a customer service professional, you know the importance of building a relationship with your customer.  People tend to do business with people and businesses with whom they have a relationship.  People or businesses they KNOW, businesses they LIKE and businesses they TRUST.  Social media offers a platform to do grow your Know, Like, Trust factor.

2. Word of Mouth

Another key part of social media networks is sharing.  Sharing family photos, cat videos, educational topics, or a funny meme…that’s what it’s all about.  How does this translate to your business?  Remember those people you’ve been building a relationship with?  As you educate and entertain them, they will have the opportunity to share your posts and content, introducing you to they’re friends.  And when it comes time for a recommendation, you will be the first one they think of.

3. Enhances SEO rankings

That’s right.  As you place your content on social media, your content becomes much more visible.  You’ve placed your content in an additional space, a space that is incredibly shareable.  Because your content is easy to share, you increase the chance of more traffic and creating quality backlinks.

4. It’s Budget Friendly

Of course, setting up and managing a social media profile is completely FREE!  Additionally, if you’re interested in increasing your reach or advertising, social media advertising can be a way to do so while being able to easily manage your marketing budget.  With options to run your campaigns for various lengths of time, or cost per day, or a one-time boost…you can make it fit whatever budget you have.  And with targeting, you can show your ad to exactly the audience that you choose.


Making Social Media Work for Your Business.

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of being active on social media, let’s focus in on how to begin making it work for you.

You may be asking, “where do I start?”  Assuming you already have your profile set up, the next question you’re likely asking is “what do I post?”

A great place to start is with the 3 E’s.  People go online and within their social media profiles for just a couple reasons.  The 3 E’s focus in on those things.

Educate, Entertain, Engage

  1. Talk about your niche. You are the professional and you have a lot of knowledge to share.  Sharing that knowledge will also help position you as an authority and a trusted advisor.  That is an important factor in building relationships that we discussed earlier. Google search is a great place to start to get some ideas.  Quora is another great resource to see what type of things people are talking about, and asking questions about in your industry.
  2. Share some statistics. A numbered list, or a few bullet points on a topic, or an infographic that is relevant to your business and your customer will probably be shared.  And this is another way to put your name or brand in a position of authority.
  3. Make ‘em laugh. Something that gets people laughing will often get shared and can really get comments flying all over the place.  It also gives you a chance to show your personality.  It can be a little sarcasm in a response, or a shared video or meme.  By asking your customers to add a caption to a photo you can get a laugh with the help of their creativity and at the same time have some active engagement.  This can work great with a behind the scenes photo!
  4. Ask questions. There are several ways you can do this, and it can be really fun because it is interactive.  Polls or surveys, whether serious or fun, are one way to ask questions and engage with your customers.  There are ways within the various social media platforms to create these. Survey Monkey is another tool that is super easy to use and even offers some templates.
  5. Mix it up. Keep it fresh by mixing up how you interact on social media.  Video is really hot, and gets people to check out your content.  Images are key too and will dramatically increase your engagement. Images can be a unique photo, meme, a new product or an infographic.

In summary, social media can be a tremendous thing for your business and should be an important part of your marketing strategy.  Why else would half of businesses be engaged with social media management?  And making it part of your strategy will help you define your brand, establish authority and trust, as well as help you engage with customers.  And all of this will add to your bottom line.  Additionally, I hope you see that engaging with social media is something that really isn’t that difficult to do and can have a major impact in your business.

Ben McVay leads PinPoint Local in Northeast Cincinnati.  We work with local Cincinnati businesses and focus on driving more customers to you by improving your online presence.  Looking for more information?  You can request a free website audit or consultation by completing the form below.  

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